• Floor-standing, universal Type 2 socket charger.
  • Single and dual-socket options available.
  • 3.7 kW to 22 kW output, supports both single-phase and three-phase power connection.
  • PME fault detection available on single-phase
  • OCPP 1.6 compliant
  • Smart App or Cloud management softward
  • Dynamic load balancing and Static load management capabilities
  • OZEV approved
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The prices on our website are a guide to help you choose a product that best suits your budget. The prices listed are based on our recommended retail price for a dual socket Grandis 7.4kW charger excluding delivery. Contact us on 0330 058 7144 or customerservice@sevadis.com for installation prices and more options.
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The Sevadis Grandis is a floor-standing charger with smart online functionality available in single and dual-socket options. Finished in an attractive brushed aluminium with black Perspex panels, it is both robust and aesthetically pleasing, suitable for all environments. The unit supports both single-phase and three-phase power connection, with output from 3.7 kW to 22 kW.

The unit is also OCPP-compatible, for connection to the Sevadis Cloud online management system, or to OCPP platforms provided by others.

Communications to the internet are available via wifi, GSM or ethernet, depending on the availability at each location. The Sevadis Grandis can also be configured with optional integrated load-balancing for ensuring that the incoming electricity supply is not overloaded from excessive use of the chargers when in a cluster.

With the load-balancing option, the system automatically down-rates and limits the total consumption of the clustered charging stations according to the maximum set on the master unit.

The Sevadis Grandis unit is OZEV-certified, which enables the UK government Homecharger and Workplace charging schemes rebate to be claimed.

Technical specification  
Leading the power supply cable Under the surface
Power supply cable cross-section Suggested minimal cross-section
• 6.0 mm2 (32A nominal current)
Supply voltage (Europe) 3 x230 V/400 V AC
Voltage frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Type of network TN, TT
(IT on special request)
Overvoltage Category Ill according to EN 60664-1
Short-time withstand current Effective value < 6 kA according to EN 61439-1
Overcurrent protection Not part of the device. The protection must be made in compliance with the local regulations and with the device version.
Residual current device Integral part of the RCD device A < 30 mA AC
Protection class Class 1
Socket variant Type 2 standard socket 32 A/400 V AC according to EN 62196-1

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