Tritium RTM75 DC
Fast Charger (50kw or 75kW)

Tritium/DC Charging

  • Slim and compact footprint
  • Patented liquid-cooled technology
  • OCPP 1.6 compliant
  • Simultaneous charging ready (dual EVSE)
  • Mix and Match Cables – CCS1, CCS2 and/or CHAdeMO
  • Option for six-meter-long cables with integrated cable management
  • ‘Plug and Charge’ technology, RFID & cloud-based authentication & payment systems solutions
  • Customisable branding
  • Quick and easy to install

The Tritium RTM75 DC Fast Charger (50kw or 75kW)

Tritium’s RTM75 is the most advanced DC fast charger on the market. This charger retains Tritium’s signature small footprint while introducing the first modular scalable charging (MSC) hardware platform unit to the market. This smart, scalable and reliable platform couples Tritium’s DNA of liquid cooling, small footprint, and industry-leading IP65 rated enclosure with a modular power electronics design.


With the best ingress protection, modular power options, quiet operating mode, and superior reliability and safety, the RTM75 is suited to a number of EV charging use cases, including EV fleet operations, highway rest stops, convenience stores, municipal or utility charging installations, heavy vehicle destination charging, retail, all types of car parks, and department and convenience stores.


Compatible with all domestic, commercial and fleet EVs using the CCS or CHAdeMO standards, this charger can provide CCS cable output up to 920V and 180A DC (up to 500V and 125A via CHAdeMO) and supports the ISO15118 CCS communication standards. The 75kW charger has an integrated safety loop with tilt and door sensors that can be connected to an upstream safety disconnect.


Charging is available via 3m (10’) length cables without cable management or 6m (19’6’) length cables with integrated cable management. The charger’s HMI utilises a 10.1” LCD display fitted with advanced viewing angles to optimise transaction flow. The RTM75 is equipped with Tritium’s market validated implementation of ISO15118 Plug and Charge. Plug and Charge enables appropriately configured EVs and charging equipment to communicate, authenticate, and transact seamlessly via the charging cable. This means that charging can truly be as simple as plug in and the charging starts.


With the RTM75, Tritium introduces Whisper Mode charging. Whisper Mode allows the RTM75 to be configured to operate under a specific acoustic noise output level. When Whisper Mode is enabled, the charger will derate charging power to ensure that the configured acoustic noise level is not exceeded. This allows the RTM75 to be installed in areas and jurisdictions with noise abatement requirements that would traditionally hamper or totally prohibit the installation of EV charging solutions.