Maxicharger AC Software Installation


The MaxiCharger AC installation involves both hardware installation (power connection) and software configuration (smart connectivity). Software configuration is completed via the Autel Config App and Autel Charge App. Please download these Apps from Google Play or the App Store to start configuration.


Download the Autel Config App



Download the Autel Charge App



NB you will need a specific individual Account Number and Password for the Autel Config App


Please call Sevadis on 0330 058 7144 or email to get your Account Number and Password set up. We recommend you do this prior to attending the site for installation.


You will need to use your Account Number and Password for all your MaxiCharger installations. Only one Account Number and Password is required per installer.


Once you have your Account Number and Password, follow these instructions to configure the MaxiCharger software on each charge point you are installing.

Connecting the Configuration App to the MaxiCharger

➢ Log in to the Autel Config App using your assigned Account Number and Password
➢ When asked, select YES to enable camera settings, select ADD and then scan the QR code found on the sticker on page 1 of the installation manual. The QR code is also on the sticker on the RFID card plastic pouch and on the side of the charger. This will auto fill the Serial Number into the Verify page on the App. If you select NO to enable camera settings, you will need to fill in the Serial Number manually. The Serial Number can be found above the QR code in the manual and on the RFID card plastic pouch.
➢ Enter the Pin Code. The Pin Code can be found on the QR sticker in the Manual and on the RFID card plastic pouch. Click VERIFY. This will bind the charger to the configuration app.
➢ Click ‘Pair’ when requested to connect the MaxiCharger to your phone via Bluetooth.


Once paired, all of the installation configuration actions are completed from the main menu page.

Installation configuration

➢ Set the WIFI or Ethernet connectivity by entering the appropriate details
➢ If using 4G, enter 4G APN details in the APN section
➢ Click Update Firmware
➢ Click reconnect to charger
➢ Set OCPP Server (often referred to as the back-end management). The Autel Cloud is set as the default and is free to use. If you want another provider, you can select it here.
➢ Set the local dynamic load balance (DLB) if using this function.
➢ Set the Randomized Delay feature if required
➢ Set the Schedule feature if required
➢ To complete an RCD test you need to add an RFID card to the Autel Charge App.

This can be done as follows:
➢ Open the Autel Charge App. Register or log in using either your email or phone number. Bind the charger to the App in the same way as before by scanning the QR code to auto fill the Serial Number and Pin Code.
➢ On the main menu page in the Autel Charge App select
                 ME Icon > Charger > Charge via chargecard

then scan or enter manually the RFID card number. The RFID card number can be found on the reverse of the card.
➢ Once the RFID card has been added, return to the Autel Config App, select RCD test and run the test.
➢ The software installation and configuration of the MaxiCharger is now complete. Unlink your phone from the charger by pressing disconnect on the main menu in the Autel Config App and in the Autel Charge App remove the linked RFID card and unlink from the charger.


Start using the charge point

To start using the charge point, the End User needs to download the Autel Charge App (or other software provider app if using a different software provider) and bind the App to the Charger using the Serial Number and Pin Code provided in the manual and RFID plastic pouch.


The Maxicharger Autel Charge App is a free App. With this App, the end user can start and stop the charge, schedule a charge, add RFID tags/cards and view the history of the previous charges and how much Kw used. Please note only one person at a time can bind with a Maxicharger and use the App but up to 5 RFID cards can be set up per MaxiCharger. If the customer wants to have more than 5 RFID cards per charger, they will need to use a different management software platform eg Sevadis Cloud powered by Monta and Fuuse.