Helping you to find the perfect EV charger


Are you struggling to work out the best EV charger for your project? Sevadis are here to help. Our team have created a helpful selector tool to take the stress out of finding the best EV solution. Select your requirements below and the best-suited products will be suggested for you at the bottom. For additional help, call 0330 058 7144 or email [email protected]

What kilowatt (kW) output do you need?

Does your EV charger need to be wall-mounted or floor-standing?

Do you need a socket or tethered charger? tooltip

What’s the difference between tethered and socket? Tethered chargers have their own cables hardwired in and socket units require a cable to be connected each time.

Does the charger need to be OZEV approved?

Will you need to track, charge and bill?