Benefits to EVCP operators

Customisable Tariffs

Customisable Tariffs Set various user tariffs for staff, visitors and customers and generate additional revenue.

Live Notifications

Remotely Control Charge Points Manage your chargers at individual, group, socket or user level.

Multi-site Visibility

Multi-site Visibility Control your entire charge point network across all of your locations.

Reporting & Analytical Feedback

Reporting & Analytical Feedback Easily understand charge point and energy consumption data.

Automatic Fault Notifications

Automatic Fault Notifications Know when your charge points are faulty and require troubleshooting.

Over the Air Firmware Updates

Over the Air Firmware Updates Always operate using the latest version of the Sevadis Cloud

Benefits to EV drivers

Mobile Phone Activation

Mobile Phone Activation Download the Sevadis Cloud app & simply activate charging.

RFID Activation

RFID Activation For RFID card users, simply tap RFID card on charger to activate charging.

Easy & Secure Payment

Easy & Secure Payment Register payment details for easy charge point activation.

Statistics & Analytics

Statistics & Analytics Monitor charging sessions & understand charging behaviour.

Exportable Data

Exportable Data Download charging consumption data (ideal for expenses/BiK claims).

Live Notifications

Live Notifications Receive real-time notifications and alerts during charging sessions.