Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible

Our team of experts are on hand every step of the way to make the process of buying and installing your EV chargers is as smooth as possible.

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It starts with a call...

Talk to our team of experts to discuss your requirements for your EV charging. Topics that will be discussed on the call will include;

  • Who will be using your charge points and what type of charge will they need?
  • How long will users be on site? For example, parked for office hours or only for brief intervals
  • What type of vehicles will be charged?
  • How many charge points will you need? (Linked to the number of EV users now & in the future)
  • What type of charge points do you need? For example, dual-socket, wall/floor, Fast/Rapid AC/DC
  • Where are you considering locating the charge points and what is the current power supply?
  • Do you want to charge drivers for using the charge points and do you want to manage the usage?
  • Are you interested in benefiting from government support schemes?

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We complete
a FREE site

We will then complete a FREE survey to assess how and where charge points will be installed.

Initially, we will send a site survey form to complete with a series of photos of where you want the charge points to be installed. After assessing this form, we will determine if an on-site survey is required. Depending on the complexity, the on-site visit will either be in person or via a video call. The survey is undertaken to confirm the requirements are correctly understood and measurements are taken.

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We send you a quote

The quote will detail the costs involved in your particular EV charging project.

The quote will be sent to you directly via email once the site survey has been approved. Our team will follow up on all quotes with a call to make sure that you have received the email and to answer any more questions that you may have regarding your project or the chargers.

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Confirm your order

After receiving the quote, you will need to confirm your order via email and the final steps can begin. We will need you to raise a purchase order number and send it over to Sevadis after you have confirmed your order.

Where appropriate, you will need to confirm the grant application has been submitted. There are currently two government grant schemes that you may be able to take advantage of: The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) and Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHCS).

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We deliver and install

Once payment has been approved you will be able to choose the time and date of your delivery.

We work around you to provide the best service. We will deliver your new Sevadis EV chargers at a time that best suits your project schedule.

Start your EV charging journey today