EV Wall Charger

Our EV wall-mounted electric vehicle charge points are available in a wide range of power outputs: 3.4 kW to 22 kW. Robust yet pleasing to the eye, our wall-mounted charge points are reliable and easy to install. Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) and Active Load Management (ALM) capability is built into each unit so separate communications boxes are not required. The online models connect via Ethernet or WiFi to an online management system such as the Sevadis Cloud for remote charger management, usage tracking, billing and receiving payments. Users start the charge with either an RFID card or via the Sevadis Cloud app. Our online EV charge points are fully compliant with OCPP version 1.6. This gives the charge point owner full flexibility to choose and change the online billing and management platform provider on-demand without needing to replace the charge points. The display screens are user friendly and show how much electricity the car is using, how long the car has been charging and the overall consumption of the charge once it is completed. The design of our wall-mounted units supports easy, efficient and flexible installation. Fixing screws attach the units to the wall and there are entry points for power and communications cables at the bottom and top. All of our online units are OZEV approved for the home and workplace charging scheme and provide attractive, competitive solutions for fast, high wattage charging.