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Don’t Overinvest In Your Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Did you know that a higher EV charging point wattage doesn’t always lead to faster electric vehicle charging? 

The truth is that for fast charging, the charging capacity of an electric vehicle is dictated by its onboard charging converter. As it stands, out of the thousands of electric vehicles currently in the United Kingdom, over 85% of them can’t charge faster than 7kW. If your EV only charges up to 7kW, a 22kW charge point will not charge it any quicker.

Find out below how you can find great charging point solutions to future-proof your business and give the best results to EV users.

What is fast charging?

Fast charging is defined as AC charging with rates of 7-22kW. This charging capacity can fully recharge most models in a matter of hours. Fast charging points are used widely across commercial industries and can be found as the standard for most street chargers.

However, as mentioned above, not all vehicles can accept a standard higher than 7kW due to their internal charger.

Don’t overinvest in electric vehicle charging

As it is such a common misconception that higher wattage will guarantee faster charging, many specifiers, contractors and business owners will invest in high wattage charging points because they believe EV users will benefit more.

For the 15% of EV users with onboard chargers that can support over 7kW such as the Tesla Model 3 this could be a plus but drivers of vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf, Jaguar I-Pace and VW e-UP! (and the cars found in most business fleets and the everyday commuter’s/employee’s garage) will find no change in how fast their car will charge.

Fast chargers are also used in a particular way. Most EV owners have a home EV charger for overnight charging and they will use fast chargers at the workplace, supermarkets or other leisure outlets for a top-up.

If employees or visitors top-up using a vehicle with a 7kW onboard charger on your 22kW charging point they will charge no faster than if you offered 7.4kW charge points. Yes, all cars can charge on compatible charge points with a higher maximum charge rate than they can handle but they will only charge at the maximum rate that they can accept.

This makes electric vehicle charging points with excessive wattage a waste to 85% of EV users.


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Choose an electric vehicle charge point that supports you

The Sevadis Scatalo Duo 7.4kW charger is our most cost-effective solution for fast charging! 

This popular 7.4kW electric vehicle charging point is a great solution for EV users to access fast charging that matches the capacity of their vehicles.

This charge point has sleek perspex panels and a brushed aluminium finish and is available in a wall-mounted or floor-standing option.

Other key features include:

  • OCPP compliant to 1.6
  • Two charging outlets on one unit
  • Single-phase power connection to each connector separately
  • Built-in Dynamic Load Balancing
  • Smart online functionality for tariff management
  • OZEV-approved and eligible for grants which reduce installation costs



At Sevadis, we are dedicated to finding the best electric vehicle solutions to support the UK charging network and all-electric vehicles users.

Our tech team are experts in our field and have a wealth of EV knowledge at their fingertips so we can answer any questions and help you get the most reliable products to support your business.


Published 27/08/2020

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Posted by Sultana Rahman
Head of Marketing