EV Charger Height

EV Charger Mounting Height?

When planning to install an electric vehicle (EV) charging station, one of the most important factors to consider is the optimal height for mounting the charger. It is recommended that your EV charger be mounted at least 750mm off the ground in order to minimise any risk of electrical shock or other hazards. Additionally, having a higher mount (up to 1200mm) can also make connecting and disconnecting your charging cable easier.

When selecting a location for your EV charger, always follow all local building and safety regulations when choosing a mounting height. If you need help finding the right spot for installation, contact a professional electrician (ideally an experienced EV charging point installer ) who can help advise you on proper placement.

By ensuring that your charger is installed correctly and securely, you can enjoy safe and convenient access to charging your electric vehicle.

Which EV Charger?

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Posted by Sultana Rahman
Head of Marketing