To accommodate the growth of electric vehicles,  Part S of the Building Regulations requires the majority of housing schemes to provide EV charging  be that for individual dwellings or remote parking and shared / public parking with PAYG facilities. We at Sevadis are experienced in providing solutions for all types of developments from single dwellings through to apartment blocks with underground parking. Take a look at our Residential Developer Solutions document setting out the options available.


Our team has a high level of experience with the Specifier and Contracting sector and have successfully delivered on a wide range of projects, ranging from small groups of chargers to very large schemes.  We offer support via CPDs, project specific technical input, Specification Templates and pricing illustrations.  We are able to optimise and enhance the specification to meet client and budget expectations.


Our knowledge of the electric vehicle industry and building design enables effective planning for current and future demands. We have developed a methodology for Specification Buildings to be set up and working with no ongoing costs for the Developer until an occupier takes possession.  We offer solutions for passive infrastructure, facilitating the installation of containment to comply with Part S for future EV points. EV Charger set up and Commissioning can be via Bluetooth allowing Building Control sign off prior to the occupier installing broadband into the property.

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Occupants and tenants of detached homes and semi-
detached homes need a convenient EV charging  solution
at their home. The Maxicharger wall mounted EV charger
enables EV drivers to park and charge their vehicle on
their driveway.  The MaxiCharger can be powered from
the domestic supply and paid for via a standard meter.


EV Charging Options
EV Charging Options


The MaxiCharger Pillar is suitable for townhouses, apartments and flats requiring a floor mounted solution or have remote/designated parking spaces.  The MaxiCharger Pillar enables residents or visitors to recharge their EVs within close proximity to their homes.  This floor mounted solution can be powered from either the domestic supply where appropriate or landlord supply with Pay As You Go.

The MaxiCharger AC

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