What is an electric car charging home station?

An electric car charging home station, also known as an Electric Vehicle home charging station, is the best way to charge your electric vehicle. It allows you to charge your electric car in the convenience of your own home. Home car charging stations come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, depending on your needs. The size of the home EV charger will depend on the capacity of your home electrical system and the size of your electric car. It is important to choose a home charger that is powerful enough to provide the necessary charge for your electric vehicle. Home charging stations can come with features such as timers, remote access and automatic shut-off for added convenience. Choosing the best home car charging station for your electric vehicle will ensure that you get maximum value out of your electric car and stay safe when using it.

It is important to note that home car charging stations are not inexpensive and you should carefully research the various home car charging options that are available. Different home car chargers come with varying features, sizes, power outputs and prices, so it is important to find one that meets your needs and budget.

For example, our Floor Standing MaxiCharger Pillar has an RRP of £998 and charges up to 7.4 kW on a single-phase connection and 11 kW/22 kW on a three-phase connection. Our wall mounted Stilo has an RRP of £820. The unit supports both single-phase and three-phase power connection with output from 3.7 kW to 22 kW.

It’s important to note that professional installation is strongly recommended for home car charging stations, and it is also important to make sure that the home charger is compatible with your electric car, as some home chargers may not be suitable for certain types of electric vehicles. It is always a good idea to consult an expert before purchasing any home car charging station.

By investing in a home car charging station, you can save time and money by having easy access to your electric vehicle while also having the peace of mind that it will be charged safely and efficiently. With the right home car charging station, you can ensure that your electric car is always ready for use, no matter when or where you need it.

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Posted by Sultana Rahman
Head of Marketing