Sevadis strengthens solutions with EVbee partnership

Sevadis, one of the fastest growing EV charging solutions providers in the UK, and EVbee, an emerging brand of innovative EV chargers, are delighted to announce their strategic partnership to provide an affordable, feature-packed and future-proofed EV charger to the UK market.

The partnership combines Sevadis ’expertise in EV charging solutions and EVbee’s experience in developing cutting-edge products. Together, the strategic partnership will enable electrical contractors, installers and engineers to provide an affordable EV charging solution to their customers, whilst providing electric vehicle drivers with a seamless EV charging experience.

After a stringent research and due diligence process, Sevadis appointed EVbee as one of their key EV charging hardware manufacturers due to sharing the same values and a commitment to providing accessible EV charging solutions for electric vehicle drivers. The partnership further strengthens Sevadis ’ portfolio of EV charging hardware, giving customers a choice in their EV charge point purchases.

Key highlights of the partnership:


Affordable EV charging solutions

The collaboration between Sevadis and EVbee seeks to make EV charging more accessible to a wider audience by providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or innovation.

Innovative technology integration:

By bringing together Sevadis ‘expertise in EV charging networks across the region and EVbee’s cutting-edge charging solutions a strong partnership has been created. This includes smart charging capabilities, real-time data analytics, and user-friendly interfaces for a seamless charging experience.

Customer-centric approach:

Sevadis and EVbee are committed to putting the electrical contractor/installer and end-user first. The partnership focuses on delivering a customer-centric EV charging experience, emphasising ease of installation and use, reliability, and accessibility.

A product launch of the EV charger will commence in 2024 where electrical contractors/installers and EV drivers can purchase via their respective channels.

Craig Slater, Managing Director at Sevadis said:

This collaboration represents not only a meeting of minds but a synergy of values and aspirations. We have carefully chosen EVbee because of their unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability—principles that resonate strongly with our own.

Together, we are poised to redefine industry standards and elevate our collective impact. By joining forces with EVbee, we are fortifying our commitment to delivering excellence to our customers and stakeholders. This partnership opens up new avenues for growth, propelling us toward shared success and prosperity.

I look forward to introducing our new EV charging solution to the UK market next year in 2024.

Merv Roxas, CEO at EVbee said:

Sevadis and EVbee’ collaboration is based on shared values and aspirations. As EVbee’ first UK partnership, Sevadis network and expertise in providing EV charging solutions across the region is something we highly value. We are looking forward to forging our partnership to utilise each other’s strengths to deliver innovative public and home charging products accompanied by great service. I look forward to welcoming Sevadis as our exclusive UK partner for delivering innovative EV charging solutions to the growing market. Together we can unite in our mission to provide carefree EV charging that prioritises durability, reliability, and forward-thinking design.

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Posted by Sultana Rahman
Head of Marketing